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were bring'n it home...

school is hell, expecially after being gone for 2 weeks... but i now have crime watch with a kid with downsyndrome named joe, who is one of the nicest people ive ever met.. this semester should be amazing though, with 5 senior days, and being able to exempt all of my bullshit exams. things are awesome, newyears was a blast at dannys... though i had one to many glasses of champaign.
my parents leave sunday, for a house hunting trip in williamsburg... with is exciting, and shocking at the same time... im so stoked for my dad though, he's been waiting for this for so long, and it should be radical.
ill be back in june, or july... if the move is infact successfull.
we shall see, in time.
music has been going awesome as well.. its sad to leave ellason grace though, still playing paino on a regular baisis.
...talent show should be awesome, im auditioning for the dance routine from napolian dynamite, so it should be, ummm, intresting. im stoked about making a compleate idiot out of myself..but hopefully raising a few laughs... wow, this has been a rather legenthey entry.
but it was for a purpose.
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