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I swear i heard you say "love is forever"... blood is forever.

i find that i question myself all the time why i even write in a stupid live journal, because none of my friends even have the stupid thing. and like the 3 people who do may read my entries... i dont know all that well. same thing with freakin myspace. i never have any comments. but whatevvv. being grounded is going pretty smoothly.
i quit my job. to focous on school for a little bit. ive been putting like 90% of my checks in the bank, so ill have a chunk of change to lean on for a while.
i just wish i did things differently in highschool, my grades freeze after 1st semester, and they suck. i have a passing g.p.a. and am barely passing my math classes by the skin of my teeth.
oh well.
soooo, the moving deal is pretty nasty.
we were supposed to know by now, but the 1st of december will be the last date of not knowing ill know by then. pretty radical.
im actually really stoked on moving, i want OUT more then anything in this world, away from everything i know.
....time to start my english paper.
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