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..I tried so hard to be her day..

but the night has already taken me away..

1/12/05 05:22 pm - this one tastes like the cow got into an onion patch...

i didnt go to school today, which was a beautiful thing... i did nothing all day but spend the day in my bed, with my dog.
north caroliana should be amazing this weekend, i pray to God my poor little car will make it.
its a sad thing that beloved is breaking up.
but ive seen leah everday for the past 4 or 5 days... which has been nothing short of awesome.
im going to ashleys play tonight with danny...
i feel that i really need to go running, or swimming, or something active soon..which i just might do tonight.
anyways, all is well.

1/4/05 10:17 pm - were bring'n it home...

school is hell, expecially after being gone for 2 weeks... but i now have crime watch with a kid with downsyndrome named joe, who is one of the nicest people ive ever met.. this semester should be amazing though, with 5 senior days, and being able to exempt all of my bullshit exams. things are awesome, newyears was a blast at dannys... though i had one to many glasses of champaign.
my parents leave sunday, for a house hunting trip in williamsburg... with is exciting, and shocking at the same time... im so stoked for my dad though, he's been waiting for this for so long, and it should be radical.
ill be back in june, or july... if the move is infact successfull.
we shall see, in time.
music has been going awesome as well.. its sad to leave ellason grace though, still playing paino on a regular baisis.
...talent show should be awesome, im auditioning for the dance routine from napolian dynamite, so it should be, ummm, intresting. im stoked about making a compleate idiot out of myself..but hopefully raising a few laughs... wow, this has been a rather legenthey entry.
but it was for a purpose.

12/22/04 09:40 pm - I would burn for you...

i was fired from plados closet today.
im moving to williamsburg virgina.
im quite bitter.
i pulled a muscle in my neck surfing.
and i need some new friends.
God bless

11/30/04 07:20 pm

im stoked, i have an interview at plados closet thursday
and friday should be awesome, seeing some old faces...
still broke... but oh well.
and i have reciently found that i have one freaking amazing friend.
wrote a sick song yesterday....good things, good things.

11/26/04 12:22 pm - peach ice

ummm, quit my job due to legal circumstances.
went surfing early thanksgiving morning... the gulf was going offff.
it was sick.
but it just seems i keep taking 1 step foward, and 3 steps back.
im back in debt somehow, and my car is past E.
i have maybe 60 dollars to my name... and its barely paying bills this month.
i need a job so incrediblly bad.
nate and peter are home for thanksgiving...and we all went skating wednsday.
and are going shopping today... with money i dont have.
....lost my wallet in B-town while surfing yesterday.
things could be ALOT better.
but i have a feeling im going to live.
peace niggers.

11/14/04 06:19 pm - can't i just crack a window, cant i just shake it off?

mmmm, last night was my first night out.
i saw team america with jessica.
hahaa, ive been laughing all day thinking about it.
at home tonight working on my english paper.
i put up my christmas tree this weekend....
and just finished putting the lights on my house.
its christmas in november niggas!!
.....going to gainsville with ellason grace next weekend.
to sell merch, should be good times.
this weather is freakin amazing...and i havent shaved in about 4 weeks
and now i have a beard, i love it.

11/8/04 03:30 pm - I swear i heard you say "love is forever"... blood is forever.

i find that i question myself all the time why i even write in a stupid live journal, because none of my friends even have the stupid thing. and like the 3 people who do may read my entries... i dont know all that well. same thing with freakin myspace. i never have any comments. but whatevvv. being grounded is going pretty smoothly.
i quit my job. to focous on school for a little bit. ive been putting like 90% of my checks in the bank, so ill have a chunk of change to lean on for a while.
i just wish i did things differently in highschool, my grades freeze after 1st semester, and they suck. i have a passing g.p.a. and am barely passing my math classes by the skin of my teeth.
oh well.
soooo, the moving deal is pretty nasty.
we were supposed to know by now, but the 1st of december will be the last date of not knowing anything....so ill know by then. pretty radical.
im actually really stoked on moving, i want OUT more then anything in this world, away from everything i know.
....time to start my english paper.

11/7/04 06:57 pm - and my body - it leaks like a siv

i took my little brother to the skatepark yesterday, and spent the rest of the day out with him and trent on the lake. good things.
today i went to clearwater with my aunt, and the rest of my family...and it was alot of fun. probably my last day of beach weather for the year.
my face is burnt.
its been really different spending the entire weekend with my family this weekend. but good. i shouldnt be grounded for too much longer.
looking for a new job after school tomorrow....god knows i need one.
and if everyday felt like today, id be a freakin happy camper.
peace niggers.

11/5/04 11:17 pm - Im sinking like a stone in the sea...

mmmmm, quiting work soon. people are so stupid and ignorant... its unbelievible. my amazing aunt is here for the weekend, to get away from work, and she's like amazing. coolest freaking aunt ever.
im taking my little brother to the skatepark tomorrow...to hopefully spend some 'quality time' with em. im trying really hard to become an actual part of my family again. it hurt really bad the other day when my little brother told me that he hates doing things with me, because im never around... so we shall see how things go... nothings really different, execpt not having a phone, im working just as much, so im never really home to actualy be grounded, i hate pretty much everything when i think about it....

10/31/04 09:18 pm - embers...were burning bridges down.

......where to begin.
as of last night : i have no car.
i have no phone.
i have transporation from school and work only.
i have no trust.
i have very few friends.
and a headache.
now, theres much reason for all of this, and of course its my own fault. but anyways, here goes. last night was pinback. (which was amazing by the way) after the show, jackson, danny and I went to go hang out with matt. at his new house downtown... things were fine until we started drinking. (i was designated driver by the way, so wasnt supposed to drink) but somehow that was forgotten. i had planed on meeting my parents at church in the morning, because i was supposed to be staying at jackson's. but instead.... got drunk with matts dog, along with everyone else in the house... and decided to make the wise desision of NOT driving. so jackson, danny and I slept over matt's..........but then morning always rolls around. and jacks mom wakes me up calling my cell phone, looking for her me and her son. anyways...........to make a long story short - i went home and lied to my parents and said that i was a jacks all night, and that we went to the late service at church and that was that. (not realizing that jacks mom and my mom had communicated) sooooo dont lie, because then you have to lie to cover up that one, and another to cover up that one, and another one to cover the one that you missed.......and things get ugly. so i could have just gotten away with just appoligizing to my parents for lieing, but i just told them the truth that.... i drank, and was scared to drive home. so i stayed at matts. which was the right thing to do.......and because i just told them what happened, im not in as much trouble. but im still in some pretty deep shit. so a word from the wise....................................dont lie
for any reason, and the truth will set you free!! (not always though) anyways... im really sorry for whoever read all of this, expecially if you dont even know these people, which you probably dont. considering that none of them have anything to do with live journal.
but in the mix of all of this, it was good in a way.
because i now know who my true friends are, and that i only have like 2 of em.
but thats good for me, makes things easy.
i wont be on the computer for a while, so it'll probably be a pretty long time until i have another entry. but in the mean time........have an awesome day, and dont lie, and if you drink... call your parents and tell them or something.
peace niggers.
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